Modeling Beeswax

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One of our favorite morning (and afternoon) basket activities. This modeling wax is made of pure beeswax and is great for busy hands and quiet time. The wax will not crumble, is not messy and the colors will remain vibrant. The beeswax will be hard at first, then will soften and become moldable and pliable as you work at it with your hands. After forming it will harden and keep its shape until you warm and use it again. Does not dry out and is reusable. Made in Germany and safety tested to meet strict EU and US standards.

set of 6 includes:
One sheet each of the following 6 colors
Ivory, Carmine red, Golden Yellow, Green, Blue, Rust 

set of 12 includes:
One sheet each of the following 12 colors
Ivory, Carmine red, Vermillion, Golden Yellow, Yellow green, Green, Blue, Ultramarine, Purple, Rust, Black, Pink

measurements: Each piece measures 4” x 1.5”
material: pure beeswax
packaging: inside a paper sleeve

Choking Hazard. Not suitable for children under 3 years old or those who put things in their mouth.