Mini Insect + Bone Collection

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A great way to start your child's nature collection or to add to their current one! The mini insect + bone collection contains (1) single butterfly wing and (1) set of rodent bones packaged in a reusable 100% cotton drawstring bag. Specimens are contained in clean glass vials. Please read the details below (and view the fourth picture) to see the different butterfly wings that you may choose from

species available:
#1-3: Painted Lady
#4: Gulf Fritillary
5-6: Mourning Cloak
All sets of bones are similar and will be randomly chosen

measurements: 2″ tall x 1″ wide glass vials

All of our specimens are humanely and legally collected and have been properly cleaned and preserved. Animal bones have been properly sanitized.

This is not a toy. Contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 3 or those who put things in their mouth.