DIY Botanically Dyed Linen Napkins Kit

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LIMITED RUN KIT / Spring/Summer 2020

This kit contains everything that you will need to naturally dye your own set of linen napkins with botanicals (dried pot marigold/calendula flowers). Natural dyeing is a great sustainable alternative to synthetic dyeing and since you are only using natural plant materials, the resulting dye is safe and non-toxic. We’ve sourced premium linen napkins directly from Epic Linen, a Lithuanian-based family run business that focuses on sustainability and low-waste whose values very much align with ours. Read more about their business and why we chose them here. The marigold flowers in this kit will produce a beautiful dye with resulting hues that range in color from light buttercup to sunny yellow.

This kit includes:
- Six 17.7" white linen napkins from Epic Linen (100% European linen Oeko-tex certified, custom sewn for us with 100% cotton thread with no sewn-on tags)
- 10oz dried Pot Marigold/Calendula flowers packaged in a reusable cotton drawstring bag \n- Mordant mixture (Potassium Aluminum Sulfate and Cream of Tartar) packaged in a reusable glass jar
- Printed instruction booklet
- 8"x8" reusable 100% cotton tote bag, custom artwork by Tijana Lukovic

Every piece of our packaging is recyclable, compostable or reusable— even the dye material can be composted and cycled back into the earth. When using natural dyes, color variations should be expected and the color output can vary substantially between batches. This is the beauty of natural dye!

difficulty level: Easy to intermediate
Not intended for children- adult supervision required.